Vacation versus business travel

For the benefit of my coworkers who think I’m on an excellent boondoggle, a quick comparison between business and vacation destinations:

CategorySeattleTrondheimSan Diego
Partly cloudy
Forecast Upper 40s, rainLower 10s, 50% chance of
snow Saturday
62°F, Partly cloudy
Length of day (8 Feb 2007)9h 55m7h 57m10h 49m
LanguagesEnglishNorwegian, EnglishEnglish, Spanish
$35 buys:
Ten grande mochasMargherita (plain cheese) personal pan pizza, mocha1 Adult ticket to the San Diego Zoo
Famous forRainVikingsShamu

2 thoughts on “Vacation versus business travel”

  1. Also keep in mind you can bike to work in San Diego every day. I last filled my gas tank in December. It’s nifty!

  2. Yes, there were a lot of bike trails in the area. I definitely lusted for my bike.

    But I’m back in the rainy northwest, already committed to making up for not hitting 300 miles last month…

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