T-minus eight days

With only eight days left until Ride Around Washington, I’m about as physically ready/pumped as I’m going to get. I still plan to bike commute next week to keep loose, and so the other major player in our fantasy bike commuting league still has to work to win this month 🙂

Later this morning, need to drop my bike off for some unbelievably last minute repair work. The connection between the seat collar and the flexible beam is loose. While I don’t think it would pop off, it’s not something I feel comfortable riding another 450 miles on, way the heck away from “civilization.” I’m fortunate that David Wilson, who added the disc brake braze-ons last year, was able to squeeze me into his busy schedule.

Saturday (8/19) is the bus ride up to Oroville. If we arrive early enough, I hope my “dinner on the economy” can involve a 16-mile warm-up across the border to Osoyoos for no logical reason other than “Because my passport is lonely?”

The ride itinerary looks like this:

Sunday 8/2073 milesOroville to Okanogan
Monday 8/2181 milesto Chelan
Tuesday8/2265 milesto Leavenworth
Wednesday8/2395 milesto Yakima
Thursday8/2471 milesto Bickleton
Friday8/2555 milesto Maryhill State Park

12 thoughts on “T-minus eight days”

  1. I know you’ve been training hard all year. I hope the ride is everything you want it to be. Looking forward to the pictures and the stories.

  2. Jim, if you’re reading this before RAW I assume that, like me, you can’t sleep before a big ride.

    Tailwinds to you.

  3. Hi Mike, I enjoyed RAW a lot and would definitely like to do the 2007 one, whichever route it turns out to be (Ring of Fire or Oysters to Onions). Doing so is dependent upon my spouse’s indulgence in my being gone for an entire week. 😮

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