May recap

I think John has nothing to worry about; he is well on his way to reaching 5,000 miles for the year. Here is how I predict he will do it:

  • January through May: 2,075 miles already done
  • June: 500 miles
  • July: 600 miles (including 206 for STP)
  • August: 700 miles (450 from RAW)
  • September: 500 miles (a trip back to Pendleton, perhaps?)
  • October: 400 miles
  • November: 300 miles
  • December: 205 miles

This would give him 5,280 for the year, a mile o’ miles. 🙂

Below are my totals for the first five months of the year; the mileage bump is a benefit of John and Claire’s encouragement on our monthly 43things challenges.

CommutesNon-CommutesCommute MilesTotal MilesYTD MilesAscent

I have very few events scheduled for this summer: the Apple Century this Saturday, Tour de Peaks in late July and Tour de Whidbey in late September.

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