Kitchen Meme

I saw this earlier today — not sure where — and thought it might be kind of thematically appropriate. The question was originally “If you were a _____, what would you be?” but I think it works better as “What is your favorite ______?”

  • Condiment – A-1 steak sauce. It’s crazy, but I love to occasionally indulge in french fries covered with melted cheddar cheese and A-1 steak sauce. Tahini is also very good, but I don’t typically have it in the fridge.
  • Kitchen gadget – dumpling crimper — it just makes making dumplings much easier
  • Spice – ginger works so well in cookies, pies and even mayonnaise. When I do the pies, I double the specified amount of ginger, cloves, and cinnamon.
  • Herb – cilantro, for obvious reasons
  • Pantry staple – steel-milled oats
  • Food chemistry phenomenonemulsification, or combining two liquids that aren’t normally mixable.
  • Dish – (This is where I wish I had the original link as I’m unsure whether the idea was a menu item or, literally, a dish.) Menu item: clam chowder or Torda di Risotto

    Literal interpretation: I have a big-ass pasta bowl I like because it’s large enough for a whole batch, yet steep enough to aggressively mix stuff without spilling it over the sides.

  • CookieMolasses-ginger.

Please feel free to answer this on your own blog and ping mine back.

18 thoughts on “Kitchen Meme”

  1. The runner up gadget was the highly-seasonal cherry pitter. I can pit a pound of cherries in two minutes!

  2. Yay, so I dont know how to ping or whatever, but I answered the quiz and linked to your site on my blog…good enough? 🙂

  3. Wow. Thanks for actually knowing the correct definition of an emulsion! I spent years attempting to teach students the difference between suspensions and emulsions, and still cringe when people get them wrong.

    Yeah, yeah, I know I’m just another anal foodie, but (in my mind) it’s akin to listening to someone use words like TOWARDS and IRREGARDLESS. Now if I could just teach the world the literal definition of HOMOGENIZE…

  4. Scout added beverage on hers, which is a fantastic idea. Mine would be root beer, but not just any root beer. The Issaquah XXX has a great, non-corn syrupy variety. (Jose’s contract with the Coca-Cola bottling company is rumored to be expiring in two years.)

  5. Oh…my…god…

    XXX root beer? From Issaquah? What do I have to do to get you to send me a bottle of that along with your yeast starter?

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