Private or public?

There was no power at the office this morning because a transformer blew. Or, maybe, its dilithium crystals suffered a tachyon inversion. Or, whatever. As several of us gathered at the Starbucks #2 across the street to enjoy our liquid breakfasts, the subject of personal web sites (and their subjects) came up.

NaBloPoMo – gesundheit!

Congratulations to both John (who’s also about to hit the big four-oh-oh-oh) and Woodstock on completion of the (first annual?) National Blog Posting Month, also known as NaBloPoMo. Also last night Kiri and Liz finished their respective magnum opuses (opusi?) for National Novel Writing Month. Congratulations, ladies!

If you crash in the Cascades during a blinding snowstorm, hope you’re not on the same plane as (my two team members)

Today, my story characters crashed in a blinding snowstorm in the Cascades and were forced to participate in one of those “prioritize these twelve items to ensure your survival” group bonding simulations. As bad as the (fictitious) crash was, the (real) group dynamics were far worse. Not only did we take four times longer to …

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Post NaNo Debriefing

I ended up with four good non-fiction essay drafts, four blog topics, two bonafide novel ideas for next year’s NaNoWriMo, and a caffeine-monkey that I need to get off off my back. My experience closely paralleled Chris Baty’s book. 11/1 – 3 – enthusiasm. I was sitting in the corner of Cafe Allegro and just …

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In the NaNoWriMo excerpt I wrote this weekend, my characters were avoiding doing anything by debating why “tricky questions” are so prevalent during interviews. By “tricky question,” I mean something that has nothing to do with practicality, but might win you a bar bet or provide suitable blogging material (for me). For example, I was …

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Star Trek Captains?

It’s not exactly a plot twist, because I don’t really have a plot, but my characters have lost interest in the road trip and are debating the the managerial styles of the captains — Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko, and Archer. This spilled over into opinions of their respective overall series, first officers, bridge crew, and …

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Excerpt from this lengthy diatribe

I hit the halfway point Saturday evening, abandoning any pretext of plot. Although this thing is so disjoint and heavily weighted in dialogue, it’s long… and that’s what counts! For the love of all things good in the universe, please do not read the excerpt below while sober.