Although I really don’t grok Facebook, I do like the huge timeline photo it allows one to post on the profile. My new commute downtown may turn out to be fun!

International signage

In Seattle’s airport, the international sign for Espresso ranks right up there in importance with Baggage Claim, Ground Transportation, Currency Exchange and Restrooms. The conference’s official event hotel, the former Reno Hilton, is now named the “Grand Sierra.” In the execution of their plan to turn parts of building into condominiums, they have managed to …

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Clown shoes

“A standard clown shoe is 15″. Most clowns order this size. However, on occasion, a clown that is portraying a character (ie: cop, fireman, chef, tramp, hobo, etc.) may order a longer shoe. For the clown that marches in parades or walks a lot, a longer length is not suggested. Women’s standard clown shoe length …

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