Morse Runner

General advice to get started on single call mode in Morse Runner (Ken Tucker, WF6F, Jim Carson, WT8P): Accuracy is more important than speed.  Wait until the sending station is done transmitting before you respond.  If you respond over him, immediately hit the escape key to stop. Scoring increases as you go along (see below). …

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Tracked down my first RFI this evening! This squiggly thing: was showing up when I was on 160M and was caused by the charger for my Macbook. The squiggle would start moving down frequency until the radio stopped transmitting (and the computer driving the sound out).

Field Day 2018

There were scant formalized opportunities for field day this year as local clubs either didn’t have a formal program (Redmond) or weren’t actively open (Issaquah), so I joined my friend K7IP in Ocean Shores to mess around with radios and do some geocaching.   We operated from the public beach south of town.  (4WD very helpful …

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Fun with FT8

Setting up WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporting) was done in preparation for playing with the two-way digital communication modes. The set I was initially aiming for is JT9/JT65, named after Joe Taylor, for very short messages that can be received far away, in noisy conditions. What makes this work are: Short messages. Long transmission cycles. …

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