NNWM done for now

The extended holiday weekend was a good opportunity for prolonged bursts of writing. Between Wednesday afternoon and very, very, very early Friday morning, I cranked out 11k words, breaking the 50k limit. I’m going to need to wean myself away from coffee again, but slowly, as I don’t want to have one of those massive …

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Dating and Marketing

Here’s an edited excerpt on how a standard dating quiz might be molded into a pre-employment questionnaire for a sales and marketing person. 36. Does living on a sailboat sound like a good idea? Change “on a sailboat” to “in a Hyatt, Hilton or Holiday Inn” and the question is about how much travel you’re …

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Razed and Confused

Eight hours on airplanes and four hours in airports left me smelling very rank when I finally got home. What little I did for NNWM was in longhand. If I can decipher my own handwriting, and find a nice, three-hour block of time this weekend, I want to write about organizational hijinks in the area …

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