The current cold/flu like malady is vectoring itself through work and home. My voice has gone from baritone to bass, my boss is out, and I can hear the sniffles rolling around in my kids, just in time for vacation. To help the kids sleep easier, we usually give them a decongestant at bedtime, and …

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Private or public?

There was no power at the office this morning because a transformer blew. Or, maybe, its dilithium crystals suffered a tachyon inversion. Or, whatever. As several of us gathered at the Starbucks #2 across the street to enjoy our liquid breakfasts, the subject of personal web sites (and their subjects) came up.

Knit one

I’d been experimenting with casting on. After getting thoroughly confused by the graphical depiction in the book, I went went back to the AoK video. It took a few tries, but I was soon casting on again. I continued to lesson two, the knit stitch. The added design elements were accomplished through proactive use of …

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Polar bear plunge

In Friday’s Seattle Times there was a brief mention of the Polar Bears‘ annual plunge into the chilly waters around Puget Sound. Since I’m a bachelor this week, I figured why the heck not and casually mentioned this to a coworker who offered to come take pictures of the nuttiness my wife would be missing. …

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Soccer parenting

Last weekend was my kid’s last soccer game of the “season.” Spectating in 43°F, rainy weather is much more miserable than biking in the same. At least with biking, I can hit the metabolic equilibrium and stay warm. As a bonus, I can expectorate and maintain my cycling game face (e.g., grimace). All of the …

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My folks live northeast of Houston, about 60 miles inland. I’m naturally anxious that Rita is heading in that direction. When I called, I could hear the TV news on in the background alternating between how crowded the freeways are and the storm’s upgrade to category five. My parents are planning to stay, not that …

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