Makeshift memorial

My walk into work takes me across the Lenora Street pedestrian bridge, a walkway that goes under the Alaskan Way Viaduct and over the pair of railroad tracks running north-south through downtown.  To the south of the walkway, and underneath the roar of traffic on the Viaduct, is the the fourth version of fence erected by the city …

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What I would like to see from you (and see less of) on Facebook

Claire posted a lovely note that I (and I’m sure you) have thought about writing.  I liked it so much, that I’m co-opting and adapting it slightly to my own quirkiness. I know you don’t post things on Facebook to specifically entertain me.  (Sure, in my fantasy world, I occasionally indulge in thinking that’s why you’re …

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Time capsule

Inspired by Spring being officially upon us in the northwest (while the rest of you in North America are having “summer”), I went on another cleaning rampage the weekend before CROC, this time focusing on the garage. For the most part, this involved coming to acceptance that the 17″ piece of baseboard, fractional container of …

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