Mac FizzyCalc

During the summer of 2011, I had some mythical Spare Time to blow the centimeter-thick layer of dust off my programming skills and port FizzyCalc, a Windows-based geocoordinate conversion utility that I’ve used for solving several puzzles in my obsessive hobby, geocaching, to the Mac. Mac FizzyCalc celebrated its 2500th download in November, a year …

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WSGA anniversary

I was invited to participate in a “geo art” project for the Washington State Geocaching Association’s (WSGA) anniversary. Though my contribution was pretty minimal, I did want to jot down some thoughts on what work went into doing this and why I think it was a success. Geoart endeavors to draw or spell out something …

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CROC 2012

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I had an opportunity to head down to Pendleton for the tenth annual Century Ride of the Centuries (aka “CROC”).  This was my seventh visit in eight years — having skipped last year’s — and especially anticipated because the Bar M Ranch was reopened as a camping option. What a …

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Why on earth would I be looking forward to spending Memorial Day bicycling in Pendleton? Here’s one reason: This is a different view of the gorgeous terrain seen while climbing over Pendleton’s best view, Thorn Hollow road. I found this particular spot when visiting a geocache named “A Woman’s View.” This year’s Century Ride of …

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Wild Horses

I’ve been going through my vast collection of photos and came across this one. This is from a geocache overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. One can park at the rest stop and hike up the steep incline for a fabulous view of the surroundings, yet few do.

Geocache Queries

I like to keep my GPS pre-loaded with as many geocaches as possible so if I’m out and about with a few minutes to kill, I have info on what’s nearby.  The phone application seems like it would be ideal for this, since it can query on-the-fly, but the implementation has a lot of problems, …

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