Oshkosh (2001)

After finishing my commercial pilot rating, I was really hankering for owing my own airplane to avoid all of the randomization with renting and, ultimately, go someplace far.  That destination would be Oskhosh, WI, for EAA’s Air Venture.  For various reasons, not limited to prolonged time being unable to use the restroom and wanting to spend …

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Final Approaches

I did my initial flight training at an uncontrolled airfield outside of the Austin city limits.  It was very relaxing to go out after work once a week and fly in a random direction to Palacios, San Angelo, Waco, College Station or wherever I could get to and back in about three hours.  There’s a …

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My little CNN news headline email notifier had something about “developing story” the Capitol building being evacuated because of an inbound aircraft. They weren’t providing any information other than people franticly evacuating the area. (Pelosi being lifted out of her shoes?) I took a rare lunch out of the office at the pasta place across …

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Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens, March 2002 It’s been exciting reading about Mt. St. Helens Two years ago, I did an aerial photo safari around the mountain and was impressed at the level of eruption evidence still visible 20+ years later. (see also: 1, 2). This photo was taken at 9,000′, circling the mountain counter-clockwise. For those …

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How airplanes fly

About nine years ago I started flying as a way to blow off steam from the stresses of work. As with anything I do, once I got past the initial learning hurdles, I pursued the hobby very aggressively, eventually earning an instrument rating, a commercial certificate (land) and a private pilot certificate in seaplanes. (NB: …

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Shoulda turned left at Albuqurque

CNN/Time Warner/AOL/Netscape Meganewsopoly reports a pilot entered LaGuardia airspace and circled the Statue of Liberty without permission. The phraseology is misleading: Despite the city’s high security level and national terrorism warning, a small plane was able to enter LaGuardia Airport airspace without permission, fly along the East River and circle the Statue of Liberty […] …

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Biennial Flight Review

I’ve been flying for nearly nine years, however this was the first time I’ve done an actual BFR. Previously, I’ve met the recency requirements either through earning a new rating or participating in the Wings program. I had assumed it was going to be something with more check ride formality than a low-key brush up.